Organics and Green Movement Today: Finding Inner Peace

July 2, 2009 by Gary Killops  
Filed under Green Life

Living the green way not only allows us to care for the environment, but it also offers us a way to achieve our own inner peace and serenity. Once you break the patterns of the conventional careless living and become more conscious of the environment around you, it will be easy to feel connected with your own existence.

People have understood the benefits of living the “green life” and today our markets are flooded with green food, clothing, homes, energy options and gadgets.

There is a subtle spiritual connection between all living, non-living things and our surroundings. People these days go on collecting things and luxuries and amassing wealth but to their surprise, happiness has been ever elusive. The underlying principle behind this is that no amount of money, power or control can make a person happy. Happiness cannot be pursued from outside you but it comes from within. This can be easily understood by taking an example of children who have little control over the outside environment but still manage to stay blissful.

People who are living the “green life” understand their invisible, incomprehensible connection with earth. What we give to earth is what we will receive from it. If we add to the life of this planet, we in turn will be able to live in a fulfilling way.

Living green is not an easy task for people who are bound with the shackles of unhealthy, harmful lifestyles but if achieved, the rewards are great both for the inward as well as the outward well being.

Lets see how we can achieve a healthy, peaceful life.

Making Changes: You need to learn to differentiate between your wants and needs. We struggle because we can’t make this important distinction. All of us know of the things we own just for the kick they offer and practically have no use for them. Sometimes it is such a trouble giving up certain habits, for example smoking. We panic thinking what we would do without it. We are afraid of our emptiness and continuously find ways to fill the void.

There are other things that we do like, excessive eating, pointless shopping, and watching too much television. All these things when stopped will not only save us from the pain that we have gotten so used to, that it appears normal but also help conserve precious environmental energies.

Know Yourself - We are all individuals with individual needs. You need to know yourself in order to be true to yourself. Most of the people prefer to do things or buy stuff that is “in”. This actually means that we follow something or some trend that has been labeled “cool” by an individual who may have completely opposite wants and needs from us.

We need to know what we want and then strive to get it in spite of everything. Going green is much more than just eating organic food and owning fuel-efficient vehicles. It’s an innate quality of a human being.

So move inside yourself, stay calm and let go. Only in such a position will existence let you know of its will.